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The project is an examination of the immigration process from a memetic perspective (Meme = a unit of culture: an idea, symbol, cultural act which can transport from one human mind to another through the means of immitatible phenomena, possibly in on a subconscious level). I’ve examined the “immigrant’s house”, which contains memes that immigrated to Israel with the immigrant as a vessel, local memes which are prevalent in Israeli design, and the tension between the two. I’ve disassembled the living room components and reassembled them with memes representing each category. The eastern carpet meme which is dominant in many immigrant cultures, and the terrazzo tile meme which was and still is dominant in local design. The combination of the two, and the composition of the space ask and speak the relationships between the two, and between them and a visitor to the space.

Photographer​: Ronen Machleb

2017 | HIT

Connection details: Israel - Azerbaijan

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