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The light installation ‘Living room under the highway’ wants to raise awareness of the shortcomings in public lighting justified by safety and security concerns. It critically deals with the outdated public lighting, by contrasting it with the cliché of a typical private living room illumination. The living room represents an anarchistic way of lighting that almost naturally interacts with vivid light colours, strong contrasts and non-uniform light distribution. The result is an illumination, which puts emphasis on our wellbeing and excitement, positively contributing to the feeling of safety and security.

Lighting Design: Reinhard Germer (team leader), Lucia Perez Do Souto, Evelina Sandste, Zarish Zarifa Saadajev, Frida Edmark, Bas Von Der Meer, Doron Anhang, Michaela Bönke, Jenia Kris, Vivianne Magyarovari, Anton Niklasson, Jonathan Sandstedt, Robin Lindh, Robin Jonsson

Lights in Alingsås, Sweden | 2015

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