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Sustainable light and shade dynamic

The pavilion’s purpose is creating shading at Habima Square in Tel Aviv with emphasis on the use of recycled and/or repurposed materials. The materials used are sourced at the square itself. Wood planks previously used in construction work, are repainted and used as a construction. The plastic circles, created from plastic collected at the square and recycled, directly contribute to the well being of people who frequent the square. The relatively short cycle of action - recycling and outcome - shading, serve as a simple and positive example for the possible benefits of recycling and thus is good public relations for recycling and sustainability. The pavilion is designed to fit its surrounding in its materials and modernistic theme. The plastic circles revolve in the wind and create a dynamic shade. The solar panel on the pavilion top charges the night time general lighting, making the space useful and inviting in the day light and accentuates the square features when night falls.


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