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My journey in higher study started in biotechnological engineering. When I mustered the courage to stop and listen, I realized my heart was starved. I’ve opened myself up from my comfort zone and found room for my creative process. After four years with a rejuvenated heart, and hard, challenging and fulfilling work, I’m now a graduate of the B.Design program at the department of interior design at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT).


For me design is much more than an aesthetic solution to functional problems. Design comes first and foremost - it is about the feelings of the people experiencing it. My process consists of research and concept development, which then leads to a program and design language. When all of this is planned to the finest detail, I believe that such design will be deep and multilayered. Knowledge of design and experience in the field, like the experience of designing itself, are always changing and evolving. I strive to continue to improve and expand my knowledge, whether by lectures, conferences, workshops in Israel or abroad, and always through challenging work.

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